Friday, April 17, 2009

- F I N A L E X A M -


Wow.. rase lame gle x bkk blog.. ape ntah lg nk post. Now i realize that i'm not that kind of person that can said as "blogger".. Hehehe...
Huu.. another one day before final exam.. aku rase mcm kosong je dlm otak nie.. dh la 1st paper law, byk bde nk kene hafal.. but i take some of my wasting time to post something regarding final exam.. It's just the voice in me about this..

Exam ???

To me.. the most comman words people said to me is.. "gud luck ek faiq.." and i believe all of us get this kind of words.. But the thing is, do i really need that luck ?? do i believe in luck ??
Hmm.. let me share something that wut i feel..
Before this, aku slalu je mcm bg talk kat junior stud psl study, how to survive in campus life, certain tips regarding with exam etc.. As i remember, proudly I said to them :-

"hidup ni sbnarnye luck je do.. kalo korg bace skit, tp yg kuar exam tu sume yg korang bace, kn luck namenye. X perlu mcm org len, bace byk2 tp x kuar exam pn.."

I think this is something that i said every semester to my juniors.. I said or trust this words bcoz of before this I really think that I'm lucky.. Example in UPSR, PMR n SPM.. aku x study mcm org len study pn.. main je.. tp result x la teruk sgt.. yg lbh myakinkan ble org yg study pn dpt lg rendah dari aku.. Hmm.. sbb tu yg aku rase time tu.. "success is based on luck.."

How about now ??? Am i still lucky ???

To me.. last sem is something that i cant forgot and all of the memories will not be deleted as long as i live... because i think I'm lucky.. i not really strive to study last sem.. hati kecil ku brkata :-

"ala faiq.. ko sblum ni x study sgt pn leh je score.. lek ah.. nanti study last minit pn bleh.."

So... bcoz of that.. I didn't get gud result last sem even last sem la hancurnye sgala harapan or my goals to achieve something in my life which is ANC..
Hmm.. ramai org kate.. "xpe la.. xde rezeki la tu.." Adoi.. sedap je mulut diorg ckp mcm tu utk sdpkn ati aku.. hehe.. tp biase la tu.. so at this point.. I'm not believe in luck eventho i say to my frenz.. "gud luck ek final nie.." hehe.. tu kn trend exam...

last nite..

Aku br je gi dinner pre-graduation nite where by excellent student get their rewards.. I personally congratz them. I felt so sad coz I was very closed to get that rewards.. I think la.. hehe.. prasan je.. tp "xpe la.. xde rezeki la tu.." hehe...


me n my julie at PGN

Now.. this moment..

Hmm.. at this time.. i cant do anytning or do changes with my life as in diploma level.. "trima seadanya la faiq.." Who knows.. maybe Allah had arranged somethong 4 me.. I just wanna finnished this diploma level a.s.a.p.. coz i cant wait to start a new life and a new hope.. I've my own target and I believe i can still achieve it..

-notes that i stick at my locker-

mm.. I wanna say "gud luck" for everyone in your life.. believe me.. life has its up n down k.. Aku jgk nk mintak maaf sgt2 kt semua org n personally sorry to "someone" (cant be disclose). I'm just a normal person that still seek n learn the purpose of life, try to achieve something n live happy with people who luv me.. bye..